Infant and Toddler Teacher

Anna Kids Academy
Job Description

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• Develops lesson plans and manages the learning experiences for students to ensure the needs of the groups and
individual students are met.
• Assists students toward self-directed learning and normalization.
• Maintains a neat, well organized, and attractive prepared environment consistent with ECD pedagogy.
 Establish the morning and extended day work period and give lessons as needed.
 Establish and maintain classroom true environment, paying particular attention to the needs of students.
 Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate.
 Plan, prepare and maintain all units of study–including materials, thematic units, library books, etc.
• Create a daily routine that supports the classroom as well as entire school.
• Treat children with unconditional positive regard and provide individualized care for needs
• Monitor group activities to maximize healthy socialization, fostering of community and healthy recreation
• Calmly prepare transition activities
• Double check all learning materials
• Remove all items that need repair replacement or cleaning
• Rotate books
• Note needed janitorial services, work orders
• Restructure classroom routine as needed
• Place orders or go shopping
• Plan how to use volunteers, parents or “special resource people” for next week
• Update personal notes

• Other job duties as assigned/

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